Keynote: Stormy Peters, Mozilla Corporation

The Challenge

Everybody in this room is defining the future. Think about how you put the user in control of the web - the average user.

Make a future with cool robots, not a future where companies take you’re information without your knowlege. Keep the web open and accessible.

Dancing robots!!


  • How we can create responsible websites
  • The Growing Community
  • Making tools that are responsible

Growing Community

  • Grow in ways the include the new people and existing.

  • 136 sponsors this year, 2004 was a fraction of the sponsors

  • Tons of people are here for their first PyCon ever

  • Veteran PyCon members should find new attendees and welcome them

  • When you meet somebody you have 3 seconds to make an impression
    • First thing they notice is your hair
    • Second is your shoes (she wears toe shoes)
    • Active memebers in the community should encourage people who make the effort to be involved. Give them a good first impression
  • Why people get involved in the community
    • Because they have an itch to scratch

    • But not all of us.
      • People love to learn something new
      • Solving problems
      • To become famous (laughs)
      • They get paid to (typically more diversity is created by this route)
      • Because they believe it should be free and availble to all people
  • Everybody stays because of the Community

  • Community is much more likely to stay involved if you can measure their impact

How can we create responsible websites

  • Mozilla and Stormy believes in building these tools

  • Mozilla is completely open with the web as the platform

  • She get’s an email from a person from Mongolia
    • He’s excited because he’s a teacher and in Mongolia you can’t checkout books from the library, but his students can get these books on their phone because of html books from Mozilla.
    • Kids in Mongolia have cell phones, but not very many books
  • By keeping the web open and software free we can change the world.

  • People make huge sacrifices to make this open web

  • The challenge is to keep pushing, keep going. Still more to be done.

  • Free != Open

  • How can we make websites and services to offer people freedoom

Making Tools

  • You have to give users tools along the way so that they don’t feel disempowered when they can’t to their data

  • We need fewer ‘it doesn’t work’

  • The do not track movement
    • BrowserId
    • Logging into websites with profiles
    • Give people ways to delete and remove those profiles
    • It’s hard to delete your online identity
  • We need to rethink the way we build websites

  • How these interact with our online identity
    • Our different devices
  • Keep the user in control and responsble

  • Education is important, but it needs to be more than this
    • Let user know what they are actually doing on the web, what data they are putting out there


  • Grow the community responsibly
  • Create tools the give users control
  • Make nice friendly robots

How do we make sure the future is a place where the users have control